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Swirls of fun and flavour

With colourful swirls of cotton candy, raspberry, and strawberry flavoured ice cream, these ice cream hacks will brighten any day!

Unicorn Twirl Ice Cream cookie cake

Cookies. Ice cream. Colour. Whimsy. What doesn’t this cake have? To make, spread, and bake cookie dough in two parchment paper-lined 8-inch round cake pans; let cool completely. Scoop and smooth out softened ice cream over one cookie and sandwich with the remaining cookie half. Freeze. Top with scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and any other garnish that brings out the kid in you. Cut and serve!

Colourful unicorn twirl milkshake

This one’s simple yet special – and as pretty to look at as it is yummy to sip on. Blend together slightly softened Compliments Unicorn Twirl Ice Cream with a splash of milk and pour into the bottom of a mason jar. Top with more milk and then a generous dollop of Compliments Creamy Whip whipped cream topping. Add a striped paper straw and garnish with Compliments Fruity Hoops Cereal and colourful candies of your choice. This colourful unicorn -inspired milkshake is sure to be a hit at your next backyard BBQ or pool party.

Unicorn Twirl Ice Cream cones

Prep these cones in advance and have them ready to scoop at your next party! In a microwave, melt Compliments White Chocolate Chips for 30-40 seconds. Stir, then repeat in 10-second intervals until fully melted. Add food colouring if desired. Immediately brush melted chocolate onto Compliments Sugar Cone and dip into a bowl of sprinkles. Let the cone completely dry before filling it with ice cream. Once dry, top with a big scoop of Compliments Unicorn Twirl Ice Cream and serve!