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Tips and Tricks

How to make perfect ice cream scoops

Scoop softened ice cream onto a chilled parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Freeze. Whether you’re serving up sundaes or enjoying ice cream all on its own as a treat, it’s quick and easy to do—and you’ll thank yourself for the prep work!

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Tips and Tricks

How to build an epic ice cream sundae station

A DIY ice cream sundae bar is always a welcome surprise for any gathering! Here’s how to start building one, plus all the ice cream party supplies you’ll need.

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Green outdoor table with an array of ice cream sundae ingredients including ice cream, sundae sauces, cones, and toppings

How To

How to build an epic sundae station

Make cooling down this summer a can’t-miss event with hot tips for setting up an ice cream sundae station, and simple hacks for icy summer treats.

Steps to success

  1. Ice cream is the hero of every cone or sundae. Calculate about 1½ cups per person and have bowls of warm water on hand to ensure clean and easy scooping.
  2. Set sauces out on plates to catch drippings and avoid extra mess.
  3. Keep the whole station inside or in a well-shaded area to avoid melting in the sun, and place the tubs on dry ice in coolers (regular ice will only accelerate melting).