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Dog days of summer

Beyond classic ketchup and mustard, there are a million ways to dress up your ’dog. Here are seven ways to serve up a little excitement from the grill this summer.

Nacho, nacho 'dog

The Nacho Nacho ‘Dog offers the best of both worlds. Compliments Brioche Bun + Compliments Game Day All Beef Wiener + Compliments Guacamole dip + Tex-Mex shredded cheese + sliced jalapeños + Compliments Restaurant-Style Tortilla Chips = Two game-day go-to's in one delicious ’dog!

The hello, Chicago! 'dog!

Bring a little bit of the Windy City to Canada with the Chicago ‘dog. All you have to do is combine Compliments Hot Dog Bun, toasted and brushed with melted butter + Compliments Game Day All Beef Wiener + Compliments Dill Pickle spear + Compliments Yellow Mustard + tomato wedges + chopped white onion + Compliments Pickled Peppers = A taste of a Chicagoan classic.

Mexican-style street 'dog

What’s better than grilled corn in the summer? Adding grilled corn to your hot dog, with a Mexican elote-style spin! Compliments Sausage Bun + Compliments Jumbo Wiener + grilled corn + crumbled Compliments Feta Cheese + Compliments Mayonnaise + diced red finger chili + chopped cilantro = the flavours of Mexico in a classic Canadian staple.

Charred kimchi slaw 'dog

Kimchi – a Korean staple of fermented cabbage and seasonings – adds all the spice and tang your hot dog needs this summer. Compliments Hot Dog Bun + Compliments Jumbo Wiener + pan-charred and chopped kimchi + shredded white cabbage + thinly sliced red onion + shredded Compliments Old Cheddar Cheese + kimchi juice mixed with Compliments Mayonnaise drizzle + feather-thin sliced green onions = a hot hot dog with extra zip!

Hot honey-mustard cheese 'dog

Craving sweet and spicy? Look no further than the Hot Honey Mustard Cheese hot dog. Compliments Sausage Bun + Compliments Jumbo Wiener + grated Compliments White Cheddar Cheese + Compliments Whole Grain Dijon Mustard + Compliments Honey + hot pepper flakes + BBQ until cheese melts = Sweet-spicy-cheesy satisfaction, served.

Buffalo 'dog

A staple among wing connoisseurs, Buffalo sauce just expanded its horizons and is now on your favourite summertime meal. Compliments Brioche Bun + Compliments Chicken Wiener + chopped celery + Compliments Blue Cheese Dressing + crumbled blue cheese + Compliments Buffalo Wing Sauce = A hotdog wing-lovers will go wild for.

Surf 'n' dog

Add a little seaside spin to your hot dogs this summer by making a surf’n dog. Compliments Brioche Bun + Compliments Game Day All Beef Wiener + Compliments Naturally Simple Pacific White Shrimp + Compliments Taco Seasoning + sliced mango and avocado + Compliments Sour Cream mixed with chopped jalapeño = Surf ’n’ turf, reimagined.